Lancôme / Miracle fragrance

Every woman has her own secret world full of mysteries. This is why Lancôme’s new Miracle fragrance series was an experience around discovering and sharing secrets. Technology allowed us to make this journey of discovering fragrances as much about surprises as about fun.

Breaking the old ways for testing fragrances and give a young and romantic female audience sensory pleasures while discovering Lancôme’s new fragrance products.

With this roadshow we were committed to blur the boundaries of art and technology. The dreamy colors and the romantic flower blossom room did not give away that this fragrance testing experience was totally driven by technology. Participants used their own mobile phones to activate unpredictable fragrance surprises, which they could experience right away. The flower blossom room let visitors dive into a dreamy, romantic world full of harmonious feelings. All in all an adventure which will be unforgettable linked to Lancôme’s fragrances.

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